Luq's Majlis Kesyukuran

We had Luq's majlis kesyukuran when he was 10 weeks old, a week before puasa.

This time I had fun planning his event. We engaged Little Rizq Chulla. Love it! The pelamin was such a big hit.

This time round we had a really chill majlis, unlike the sister, yang ni relek sikit. No marhaban, no makcik makcik yg I tak kenal. My aunties have the habit of inviting their friend over. hahaha

'Datang lah majlis cucu abang I, datang eh'
'Jah, this one mummy's fren at work, I jemput dia'
'Jah, this one kawan kerja cik ona, dia kenal mak kau, I jemput'

And my parents will always welcome all my auntie's friend with open arms.

Anyway, food was cooked by Datin. I am so blessed to have family members who will chip in food.

'I bikin mee soto'
'I dah ordekan you roti boyan and bubur kacang hijau'
'I sponsor beefsteek'
'I buat pasta and chicken salad'


We create a kids corner. Angkut Nyla's portable TV and on Despicable me so that mak mak can catch up on their gossip. Bibik bibik also can relek.

Latest Edition

I totally forget the existence of this blog.
Here is my jantung hati, Muhd Luq Syaqil.

Happpy belated Raya everyone, Maaf Zahir dan batin.

Gender Neutral

The sistas screamed when I shop for baby L's clothing at Melbourne

'Why you buy gold for baby boy???' 'You need to get more blues!!!!'

'Perangai makcik sei you!!!!'

'Boy cannot wear gold, tak kena'

I look at her husband who was looking so cluelss wearing a black with gold lettering prining on his baju.

Terus senyap....

Little one

I have installed many of those pregnancy apps on my iPhone, and it’s been fun to check in a few times a week and see what baby is up to!

Right now, he  is the size of a large honeydew (43.7cm long from head to heal and weigh around 2kg). My last check up he was around that length and weight. Alhamdullilah. 

Since baby’s sense of movement and ears are fully developed, Baby L can hear me sing and the surah I on-ed from youtube. I always whine to S, 'Baby L ni tak boleh duduk diam' but I secretly love it. It’s the best reminder for me that this is happening and baby is doing alright in there.

Its been 5 years. At time I find myself daydreaming a lot about life with this new little one.  What it will feel like to hold this little new born close to my body and cuddle and sing and love on it all over again like when I was with Ny. Will I be biased, be fair to share the love?

5 years ago, as a new mum, I struggle with many things. It was not a 'boring' phase. It was definitely not easy. She was preterm and at time we need to go down to either KK or polyclinic 3-4 times a week. Her jaundice was terrible. Doctor from KK only gave clearance when she was about 2 months. I struggle with breastfeeding too. From birth to around 1 Month, doc adviced me to stop from breast feeding her due to breast milk jaundice. Not sure what it means, I don't even understand when I Google it. My aunt joked 'Harap (.)(.) berlambak but no susu' sikit pun tak kecik hati, as I was so so determined to breast feed her even if not exclusive. I keep expressing my milk. The pump was my best buddy at that time.

This time round hopefully it will be different. I have pre-prepared all the items. 5 years ago, due to preterm, everybody kalang kabut. Dah terbranak baru nak carik crib, baru nak beli bottle, baru nak jahit bantal. From the labour ward before the insertion of oxytoxin, I remembered instructing my sisters 'Ty, You go take the crib from the seller at Tanah Merah' 'Na, you go mothercare buy the mattress, use this size den go Ikea buy the crib sheet' 'S later you go down kat mothercare buy all the shampoo lah, sabun lah' 'Ayah, you help me take some baby baju from Simei to Hougang, adi dah ketepikan'


I learn my lesson... this time kita settle all first den kita chill and relek....

Happy baking adik! We love you!

Bows for kekasih

Received a whatsapp msg from a bro early this week 'Sis, my wife is crazy about your bows, can I order 5 bows in shades of pink, slightly bigger than ur normal classic bows?' 'Valentine present ker?' 'No lah, just a surprise gift' Settle Bro!  To any wife out there if u receive these set over the zweekend, ur one lucky lady, and I hope u love the bows.  

Bro, I loving your choice of colors lah. And it's been a hit! 

I asked S, kalau u, You will get for me what colur?

Black lah easy... 

So blahhhh......

Have a long and cozy weekend mummies

It's gonna be a loooooong weekend. What are you up to this week? With all shops and door close, lepak rumah lah nampaknya.

As usual I have a list of items to do:-
1. Start washing adik's baju
2. Keluarkan crib from store
3. Keluarkan all baby items - Baby bJorn, car seat, bottle steriliser, breast pump etc
4. Build adik ikea's cupboard at hougang
5. Clean Ny's room
6. Put away all her unwanted toys
7. Put away all her unwanted books
8. Clear all baju that she can no longer fit and pass to Kayla or Farahana
9. Set aside space for baju baju adik
10. Jemur all bantal
11. Change bed sheet
12. Sew crib covers
13. Inventory for Ny and Lu's product
14. Update and do marketing and branding for Ny and Lu

Showed the list to S and he laugh and throw away the organiser.
'Meh sini dengan abang meh... all that during maternity leave can do..... confirm tak terbuat punya'

Wah liow he always think so lowly of me one....

I'm supposed to start washing adik's baju today. Sun is shining. Perfect weather... I look at all the baju in the clear box and decide to just lay and snuggle on the sofa with Ny who was watching Dora...

Cuci baju later lah...

S came out of the room like 10 mins ago and saw me lying and gave me a smirk...


Party of four

This news a little basi but It's been so hard keeping the news in, especially as I was feeling so exhausted during the 1st trimester and having a hard time keeping up with work! So, we're thrilled to be able to share the news with you now. We will be a party of four real soon!

If u have checked out my Instagram pictures on the left, you will have seen how huge the tummy is this time round. 

I have noticed something was amissed during Hari Raya, I kept falling asleep, all the time. Mandang nak membuta ajer. Coming from someone who seldom naps and often slept late to finish Ny and Lu orders. I find it a little odd. Told S and he said 'Tu lah amik lagi banyak order!' No its not the order, making bows are very therapeutic for me. Definitely not due to the order.

I was off the IUD, and my period was a little haywire after that. Read in some forum and they say its pretty common to miss period for a few weeks or even months. So I just brush it off.

I was so tempted to purchase a pregnancy test before we flew for the Europe trip in August and decide not to, and till now I am still amazed at how I managed to carry the heavy backpack, manoeuvre  a stroller, a cranky 3 years old and a 2 month tiny bean in me. There were no sign of morning sickness, cramping or what not. I was just sleepy. Macam ada yang tak kena ni.

Once touch down, mcm biasa my parents will always fetch us from the airport after every holiday. The father often say 'Aku rindu cucu aku lah!' and the first thing my mum asked was 'Dah check?' Aiyo penat pun belum hilang. She then asked my sis to grab a pregnancy test at the airport.

And as suspected by all., its a positive sign. Alhamdullilah!

And so during my first  check up with my gynea the whole stomp trooper came down, my mum, my dad, nyla ponteng school, bibik and my sis. S was too rimas.

During the early months, S loved the idea of having 2 girls, 2 daddy girls, 2 little princeess, 2 little mak neneks, 2 little screamers and whiners. He even came out with the name Nyly Melissa. Melissa came from the song 'Melissa' from Helter Skelter... bapak dia mat jiwang habis... 'So sedap the name!!!!', si kakak ni menyampuk. Kakak name's Syakila came from 'Misteri mimpi Syakila' from Wing... and from then on she introduce my baby bump to friends and relatives and she points to my belly and says, “and this is Nyly Melissa" "Nyla, Nak kiss Nyly Melissa, mummy".  lol.

Well, we’re getting closer and closer, I'm close to 32 weeks now and as a result, I’m getting more and more excited! I'm also getting more and more tired. But cannot layan kan, ikutkan hati nak ajer terbonkang atas katil.

This time round I'm taking things one step at a time, keep me and my baby in your prayer.
Insyallah adik we cab do this. Stay baking in there. Mummy and kakak Ny and Ayah love u!

Melbourne 2015

Its been ages since we had a family vacation. With a new member with the family, we tug Cik Wan along to our Melbourne trip.

We booked the tickets way back in May, knowing the price will jack up since its the peak period, Christmas and what not. We prepare for this trip a little earlier. We rent an 8 seater with Avis. Pick up the van at the aiport. Hussle free.

I did the itinerary, since I'm quite familiar with Melbourne.

The little sis, booked an afternoon flight and we reach Melbourne close to midnight. Totally wrong move but to be able to sleep and rest after the 7 hours flight was such a luxury. I cant sleep in the plane with the frequent air turbulence.

We grab Macdonald on the way back to our AirBnB. We booked a 3 bedroom apartment at Saltwater promenade. Happening jugak tempat dia, 5 mins drive from Target, Aldi, Coles, etc.
The next day we attacked factory outlet. We had chosen DFO south Warf but was inform DFO at Essedon have better store option and parking was FREE!!!! So I tweak the itinerary and head first to DFO Essedon. I try to control the moolahs. Its only the first day. After Essedon we went to South Warf to check out the stuffs there.

Next day we went to Queen Victoria Market. I have a soft spot for this place, but not to my sisters and Ny. 'Tempat apa ni you ajak kita? Pasar??' 'Mummy ni macam pasar geylang ajer?? I tak nak' Wah liow!!! Spoil Brats!!!!
We intend to head down to town after that but after a couple of rounds and the hefty parking fee we change our plan and head over to St Kilda's Luna Park. Its really a breath of fresh air. I love St Kilda! We head back to town and park at Federation square and had a yummy dinner at Mama Wong all also to check out the graffiti street.

We were recommended to go for the Werribee open range zoo. Oh we had so much fun!! Feeling mcm at Africa. We took the safari train ride, we were so close to the rhinos, and the zebra and the giraffe. My sis was expecting lions and tiger and elephant 'Ah that one later u go with your husband to Africa!'
Datok and Datin came 4 days after with the rest of the family. We pick them up at the airport, rest and head to Brighton Beach, to see the colourful beach house.

The next day we went for road trip to Great Ocean Road!!!! I love love that place and I'm glad to have share the experience with my love ones.
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