When in doubt... where a bow

I love to think big on my small, mini, puny little business called Ny and Lu

I have a small table with all my stash of supply where I hide everything in a corner of Ny's room. Its my sanctuary where I go to after Ny went to bed...... 10 months ago. 

Fast forward today and came along little Luq, life became a little hectic for me. I literally have a silent break up with that small little table in Ny's room.

I live in a fantasy world where I want to do everything but In the actual world, I don't have time to do anything! 

Ny and Lu is still alive, but a little mellow now. I try to complete my order during my lunch time. Below are a few of my favourite.


Happy New Year 2017! 

OMG I can't believe its 2017 already! Time flies so fast I tell you. Like a blink of an eye!

As usual, new year always comes together with a new resolutions OR renew one like what my friends always said. 

Here it goes:

1. Wake up early every morning even on holiday.

2. Exercise on regular basis.

3. Start Saving!

4. Travel More

5. Be on time

6. Read more

7. Start using night cream (Need to survey good night cream. Any Recommendation?)

8. Eat less junk food (By writing this I just finished my potato chips. Blergh)

9. Be a better mummy

10. To be more spiritually engaged this year and being istiqamah of doing so

Hurm, what else? I guess that's enough for now. By the time, it will be more. So yeah, I can do this!


we are so sleep deprived, but we are still laughing. thanks for being my best friend. the years with you just keep getting better and better and better. Alhamdullilah.
i love you. happy six years

Ny turns 5 in October

This was in the draft for the longest time

Ny turn 5 years old in October and we party our way. Booked a room in Royal Crown Plaza. Brought along the gold swan and had a blast!

I was pretty embarrassed to invite the relatives yearly... takut ada yang mulut laser yang akan sound... 
'Every year buat birthday'
'Eh buat birthday lagi, last year pun buat birthday kan?'

Its not me ok, come September and even as early as August, my cousins will start asking 'Birthday Nyla amacam? apa theme?' They are the one who always look forward. 

I expressed my concerned to my mum about this, iyelah malulah kita, nanti orang ingat kita buat birthday mengharapkan present every year.

My dad replies wins 'We want to mengiratkan silraturahim, if anyone kasi present alhamdullah. Nanti kita bungkuskan nasi bohari!'

This blog need a revamp!

First update that header.

Will do it first thing once I'm done with all Ny and Lu's order.

Better set reminder on my phone....*mcm paham!

Crazy finger puppets

I am always looking for new things to entertain and keep Nyla's busy during the weekend.

I bought that lamaze wrist and sensory sock, you know the black and white socks with attached butterfly and bug. Luq love that.

So last weekend we made finger puppets. It kept Ny occupied and mummy is happy helping her paste all the colourful stuffs on the felt. Doing craft is very therapeutic for me.

Things you need:-

1. Colourful felt cut into shapes.
2. Scissors
3. Craft glues
4. mini pom pom
5. Wiggly eyes
6. Pipe cleaners
7. Colourful ribbons

And once they'e done, they become the perfect companion to singing, playing and story telling.

My heart

6 months ago, I would reached my mum place from work, rush to Nyla's room to give her a big hug followed by asking her to scoot inwards the bed just so that I can snuggle in with her. I would ask her how was school, ask about her speech and drama class, asked her what did teacher Jun teach today, did she went to the playground after school with Sabrina and Nichelle, asking what she had for dinner.

That's the routine I had 5 months ago for 5 years.

Now, once I reached my parents place, I would barge in my parents room just to stare at this boy.

Last night, his Kakak march out of her room and said, 'Mummy you don't want to hug me first ker?'

Oh my heart!

Luq's Majlis Kesyukuran

We had Luq's majlis kesyukuran when he was 10 weeks old, a week before puasa.

This time I had fun planning his event. We engaged Little Rizq Chulla. Love it! The pelamin was such a big hit.

This time round we had a really chill majlis, unlike the sister, yang ni relek sikit. No marhaban, no makcik makcik yg I tak kenal. My aunties have the habit of inviting their friend over. hahaha

'Datang lah majlis cucu abang I, datang eh'
'Jah, this one mummy's fren at work, I jemput dia'
'Jah, this one kawan kerja cik ona, dia kenal mak kau, I jemput'

And my parents will always welcome all my auntie's friend with open arms.

Anyway, food was cooked by Datin. I am so blessed to have family members who will chip in food.

'I bikin mee soto'
'I dah ordekan you roti boyan and bubur kacang hijau'
'I sponsor beefsteek'
'I buat pasta and chicken salad'


We create a kids corner. Angkut Nyla's portable TV and on Despicable me so that mak mak can catch up on their gossip. Bibik bibik also can relek.
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